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ILTA Constitution
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ILTA Constitution (pdf)

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the International Language Testing Association, hereinafter referred to as ILTA or the Association.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the improvement of language testing throughout the world. The organization's interests will be independent of those of any other organization.

The activities of this organization shall be in accord with its purpose and include the following:

a. Stimulate professional growth through workshops and conferences;

b. Promote the publication and dissemination of information related to the field of language testing;

c. Develop and provide for leadership in the field of language testing;

d. Provide professional services to its members;

e. Increase public understanding and support of language testing as a profession;

f. Build professional pride among its membership;

g. Recognize outstanding achievement among its membership;

h. Cooperate with other groups interested in language testing;

i. Cooperate with other groups interested in applied linguistics or measurement.

Article III: Membership

Section 1

Membership in ILTA is open to those persons who are interested in or involved in language testing.

Section 2

Active membership shall be open to all those who apply for membership and pay their dues to ILTA each calendar year. Active members are eligible to vote, to be a candidate for office and to participate in all the activities of the association.

Section 3.

Various classes of members may be created as specified in the By-Laws.

Article IV: Officers

Section 1

The officers of ILTA shall be President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers shall be elected as specified in the By-Laws.

Section 2

The Vice-President shall succeed to the office of President, and the President to the office of Immediate Past President.

Section 3

The duties of the officers shall be as specified in the By-Laws.

Article V: Legislation and Administration

Section 1

The Executive Board shall be the principal policy-making body of ILTA and shall be responsible for managing its resources and activities.

Section 2

The Executive Board shall consist of the five officers, and four Members-at-Large elected as specified by the By-Laws. The program chair or co-chairs for the next LTRC meeting shall be (an) ex officio member(s) of the ILTA Executive Board.

Article VI: Committees

ILTA shall have a By-Laws Committee and such standing committees as are specified in the By-Laws and such ad hoc committees as shall be created by the Executive Board.

Article VII: Amendments

Section 1

Amendments to this Constitution may be initiated by the Executive Board, by the By-Laws Committee, by the Annual Business Meeting, or by a petition of at least 10 percent of the active members of the Association submitted to the Secretary.

Section 2

Any amendment initiated in accordance with Section 1 shall be reviewed by the By-Laws Committee, which shall consider the need for and appropriateness of the proposed amendment, in consultation with those who initiated it, and make a recommendation to the Executive Board on whether the proposed amendment should be adopted. The Executive Board shall then consider the amendment and decide whether to approve it.

Section 3

Any amendment that is approved by the Executive Board in accordance with Section 2 shall be submitted to the full active membership of ILTA for approval by means of an e-mail ballot. A two-thirds majority of the members who vote shall be required for adoption of the amendment.

Article VIII: Financial Assets

Section 1

No part of the earnings of ILTA shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, officers, or other private persons, except that the Association shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for expenses incurred or for services rendered.

Section 2

If dissolution of ILTA occurs, the Executive Board shall, after paying or making provision for the payment of all of the liabilities of the Association, dispose of all of the assets of the Association.

December 2004
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