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Arrangements have been made with various sponsor hotels in the different price ranges in a district of Bogotá called the Financial District (also called Rosales or the Zona G). This district is approximately centered around the intersection of Calle 70 and Carrera 7 (Four Seasons Casa Medina). It is important to note that we will be providing free shuttle service from this district to the conference and that the awards dinner will be in this district. If possible, when making your booking, be sure to book a hotel close to/on the bus route/close to the awards dinner.  For a detailed list of hotels, please click here. 

Hotel reservations may be made directly via the hotel, or by contacting Juan Valiente:

Altitude Sickness and Preventative Measures

When you are planning your trip to Bogotá, please keep in mind the altitude: 2650m = 8700 feet. Some people experience mild altitude sickness (similar to flu symptoms) as a result, which is largely preventable. Accordingly, IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU PLAN YOUR TRAVEL TO GIVE YOURSELF 36-48 HOURS IN BOGOTÁ BEFORE THE WORKSHOPS/ COLLOQUIUM TO ADJUST TO THE ALTITUDE! This will also give you 36-48 hours to enjoy the city. Please also consider taking the following basic measures against altitude sickness before and while you travel and once you arrive to Bogotá:

  • Get 8 hours of sleep per night, even before/ as you travel;
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water per day, even as you travel;
  • Avoid or moderate your consumption of alcohol, even as you travel;
  • Be sure to eat adequately, even if you don't feel hungry;
  • Once you arrive, take it easy the first 36-48 hours.

Plan your trip with someone!

Colombians prefer traveling in groups of friends, and the culture is strongly oriented towards people moving in groups. Experience the local culture and travel with a friend!


Available Tours

To maximize your stay here in Colombia, you may wish to schedule tours.  Perhaps spend Wednesday night in Monserrate, or take the train to visit the salt cathedral in the colonial town of Zipaquirá.  For more information and to schedule, please click here:

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