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Recommended Hotel Districts

Overview. The conference will be held at the Universidad de los Andes, located next to both Bogotá's city center (El Centro/ Las Aguas) and historic district (La Candelaria; Calle 7–17). The local conference organizers recommend finding accomodation in the following districts of the city, to maximize your comfort and enjoyment of the city of Bogotá. You will note in your online hotel searchs that other districts (e.g., Candelaria, Centro Internacional, El Centro, Parque 93, Salitre, Usaquén) are highly rated by travelers to Bogotá, but it should be noted that these other areas will require extensive travel time to the conference site or are not comfortable places to be at night. It is worth emphasizing that Bogotá traffic can be exceedingly, prohibitively heavy.

Chapinero Alto; the Zona G; RosalesIt is the local conference organizers' strong recommendation that first-time travellers to Latin America stay in these three districts. They are about 30–40 blocks north of the city center either in Chapinero Alto (Calle 53–Calle 62) the Zona G (Calle 67–70) or Rosales (Calle 67–76), all east of Carrera 7 (Carrera 1–7). These districts are some of the most pleasant districts of the city that are still close to Los Andes (15–20 minute taxi ride; $3–5 USD), and they offer mid-range to upscale hotels, artisan restaurants, and urban infrastructure typical of any "desirable"–"very desirable" neighborhood elsewhere in the world. These districts preserve some of Bogotá's best architecture and are especially nice to walk around at night, though it is always best to walk together in groups. It is worth noting that the US Embassy includes these three neighborhoods in its list of districts where its employees are permitted to live. It is also worth noting that all busses to and from the conference will leave from this area, and that the closing dinner will be in walking distance from hotels in these sectors.

Hotel sponsors. LTRC 2017 is fortunate to have the support of several hotel sponsors, whose icons appear below. These hotels have been chosen for their exceptional quality and service in their different categories, and all are official hotel providers of Universidad de los Andes. The LTRC 2017 co-chairs strongly recommend that you stay at one of these hotels, as the colloquium will receive free rooms for invited LTRC guests for every certain number of LTRC guests who stay in the hotels. 


In January 2017, hotel group rates and related discount codes for participants of the conference will be posted on this website. Until then, consider exploring the hotels suggested below. 

e of Hotel Neighborhood Address Class

Cost + Tax                         

(1 USD ≈ 3,049 COP) 

FOUR SEASONS CASA MEDINA Zona G/Rosales CARRERA 7 No. 69A–22 Superior 400.000–700.000  COP
HOTEL EMBASSY SUITES Zona G/Rosales CALLE 70 No. 6–22 Superior  400.000–700.000  COP
HOTELES BS ROSALES Zona G/Rosales CARRERA 4 No 71–22 Superior  400.000–700.000 COP
BH TEMPO Zona G/Rosales CARRERA 7  No. 65–01 Standard  130.000390.000 COP
BH QUINTA Zona G/Rosales CARRERA 5 No. 74–52 Standard  130.000390.000 COP
HOTEL ESTELAR SUITES JONES Zona G/Rosales CALLE 61 No. 5–39 Standard  130.000390.000 COP
HOTEL ARTISAN D.C Zona G/Rosales AVENIDA CALLE  72 No. 5–51 Standard  130.000390.000 COP
GHL STYLE MIKA Zona G/Rosales CALLE 70ª No. 4–08 Standard  130.000390.000 COP
HOTEL CASONA DEL PATIO Zona G/Rosales CARRERA 8  No. 69–24 Economical 160.000195.000 COP


Exchange Rate: 1.00 USD = 3,049 COP (as of December 6th, 2016)