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International Language Testing Association


Welcome to the ILTA website.  ILTA is an international group of language testing and assessment scholars and practitioners whose dedication and work are respected both within and outside the profession, and who together define what it means to be a language tester.
ILTA’s purpose is to promote the improvement of language testing throughout the world.

The goals of ILTA include the following:

1. Stimulate professional growth through workshops and conferences;

2. Promote the publication and dissemination of information related to the field of language testing;

3. Develop and provide for leadership in the field of language testing;

4. Provide professional services to its members;

5. Increase public understanding and support of language testing as a profession;

6. Build professional pride among its membership;

7. Recognize outstanding achievement among its membership;

8. Cooperate with other groups interested in language testing;

9. Cooperate with other groups interested in applied linguistics or measurement.



ILTA promotes ethical standards in language testing through its Code of Ethics , adopted at the Annual Business Meeting, March 2000, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

ILTA's annual international conference is the Language Testing Research Colloquium, LTRC.


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